WiseChoices for Prisons

WC to prison March 2015Men tell us how much the daily reading of Men of Integrity benefits them. Imagine if you were in prison with loads of time on your hands – Men of Integrity could help you focus and grow in your faith. So why not sponsor this and help Promise Keepers send WiseChoices to prison!

Note: Sponsorship is for Men of Integrity only. DVDs are not allowed into prison.

Can you help? Sponsor [1 prisoner: $30 per year; 5 prisoners: $120 per year]

Or phone us on 0800 77 66 47 or [contact us]

I can assure you our guys have devoured these copies with real enthusiasm. We could effectively use 30-50 copies… Thank you for this ministry support. Peter Savage, Chaplain Wellington Prison

I would like to thank you for the devotional books. Any sort of encouragement that the men here can receive is of tremendous blessing which they are so often keen to share. I have used devotional readings that the men have as the basis of a Bible study. This has often generated enthusiastic debate and dialogue over cups of tea and biscuits. Graham Lapslie, Chaplain, Auckland Regional Prison Albany

The men find these devotionals very encouraging and simple to read. I would love these to continue coming to Hawke’s Bay Prison. John Flavell, Chaplain, Hawke’s Bay Regional Prison.

These resources are a blessing to prisoners as they read and meditate on them and help them with their Christian walk. Viliame Tuisoso, Northern Region Correction Facility, Kaikohe

Many, many thanks for the materials you have sent to Invercargill Prison. Our guys have been most appreciative of the input you have had into their lives, most valuable input. Jeff Low, Chaplain, Invercargill Prison