Volunteer FAQs

How can I volunteer to serve at the PK office?

Volunteers are needed all year round at Head Office in Auckland. There are also some responsibilities that can be undertaken from a distance, such as promotion/publicity, and some areas of IT.

Can women volunteer?

Yes. Without women volunteers, Promise Keepers would be hard pressed to put on our Men's Events. To minister fully to men at each Event, Promise Keepers depends on the goodwill, hard work and prayers of hundreds of women volunteers.

If I volunteer can I get into the Events?

Most of the volunteer positions are on the outside of the auditorium. The positions on the inside (Ushers, Prayer Ministry Team) are assigned to Event attendees (men only), which allows them to participate in the Event. It is our desire that all men who attend register for the Events, even if volunteering. Certain volunteer positions qualify for a reduced registration rate – please contact us. In order to preserve the unique “all male” character of the Events, women are not permitted to enter the auditorium.

Does PK provide accommodation for out-of-town volunteers?

Promise Keepers is unable to assist out-of-town volunteers in securing local accommodation. For this reason, PK puts an emphasis on recruiting local volunteers for each Event.

Can I be assigned with my friends?

Yes. We try to place people together with their friends. When you register to volunteer, let us know with whom you would like to volunteer, or write their names and phone numbers on your volunteer application form.

What kind of a commitment is required of a volunteer?

This will depend on the position you are assigned to. Please contact us for specific information.

Can I hear the Event from my assigned position?

An audio feed from the Event can be heard from many volunteer areas. In addition, live TV coverage of the Event is available outside the auditorium.

How does the job assignment process work?

Please indicate the area that you would like to assist in. The PK volunteer organising team will assign positions through communication with volunteer applicants. Volunteering early helps Promise Keepers maximise this valuable resource.

Can I bring my children when I volunteer?

Childcare will not be available. Please make alternative arrangements for young children.

Are there age restrictions for volunteers?

We encourage anyone from age 13 and up to volunteer.

Will parking and meals be provided for volunteers?

Every Event is different. Some venues have more parking available than others. Carpooling is encouraged and we ask that you allow time for traffic and parking delays. Complimentary meals are provided based upon the length of time you volunteer for.