Volunteer Opportunities

              Do you want to be involved in a practical way with Promise Keepers?

Be part of a movement of men across this nation where ordinary guys are being transformed into extraordinary men by the power of God!

One of the key elements that is vital for the success of Promise Keepers’ ministry is the assistance from our volunteers. We realise that our volunteers are one of our most valuable resources, and deeply appreciate the contribution that they make.

Do you have the time and ability to faithfully commit to working with Promise Keepers? Can you take some of the responsibility that is involved in serving men through this ministry?

Volunteer at our National Events

Driver/Transport: We need reliable people to help with transporting out of town speakers and management team to and from the airport / accommodation as needed.

Event Set-Up: (incl Resource set-up & kit bags) Do you have time on the Friday of the Event weekend to help set up? Would you like to work with the Promise Keepers team to set up registrations, arrange merchandise, resources, displays, signage, auditorium stage and kit bag inserts etc?

Event Pack Down: Help is needed to pack down after the Event on Saturday evening.  The more people who assist, the quicker it gets done!

Event Technical Team: Do you have experience in audio recording, lighting, filming, DVD projection, PowerPoint or still photography? We need people with these skills.

Hospitality: Are you available on the Friday and Saturday of the Event weekend to help with food preparation and serving of meals? We would love to hear from you!

Usher/Security: We need a team who are prepared to serve as Ushers/Security for the internal and/or external area of the Event: To distribute and collect Event-related material as required and/or assist with parking and outdoor security, as well as help with the pack down process.