Praying for Your Family

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by Geoff Wiklund – We have all heard the stories of people who knew that their grandparents or parents prayed for them. I am a result of one of those prayers. My dad went forward on an altar call and prayed with the preacher that his youngest son would become a preacher. Five years later, Read More

Sound of Silence

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I was recently asked to share on my church’s Facebook Live page about what my journey through lockdown has been like. It was an interesting process for me as I live in a large house with four adults, which means each of us can have our own space. With that in mind the overwhelming theme Read More

God Has Set Watchmen

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by Len Buttner – We are seeing intercessors and prayer warriors being set in place in the nation. Men and women are being positioned and set as strategic watchmen. They are looking and listening and are being made ready to sound an alarm, to prepare us for the coming of the Lord and the beginning Read More