Just Keep Honking!

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Sandhill Cranes, ducks and geese are birds that have one major thing in common they tend to migrate over long distances. They also understand that to do this they can’t do it alone. In fact, they don’t usually travel in numbers less than three and that is for a special reason which I will explain Read More

Reach out

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It is always interesting how God can lead you in a direction when you weren’t expecting it or looking for it. Most weekday mornings Candice, Cecelia and I meet on Zoom to discuss where we are going and what we are doing for the day. This morning we were chatting about the power of words Read More

Are We On Mission?

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I believe that the last words said before someone either dies or leaves are revealing and powerful as to what the person thinks is important. Interestingly the last words of Jesus are not recorded in any of the gospels but in The Book of Acts of the Apostles. These words were instructions as to what Read More