Paul's bonsai trees

A Pause in Winter

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One of the hobbies I have dabbled with over the years is growing bonsai trees. At the height of my initial enthusiasm, I had 35 trees. In the intervening years I went as low as two trees. I now have eight trees, two of my original trees that are well over 35-years-old, plus another 35-year-old Read More

What challenge are you facing?

Stepping Up

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It is amazing how powerful stories are in our lives. We recently bought some children’s books for our grandchildren and one of the stories called “The Wonkey Donkey” became an instant hit. The children wanted the story read repeatedly. It occurred to me that most ancient cultures had an oral based tradition. The culture and Read More

Men supporting each other

Following the Lord

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Following the Lord’s leading has always been very important to me. I have been sensing through His Word and the whispering of the Holy Spirit, that God is leading strongly towards unity throughout the Church in the coming years. This is not a new concept, it has been sung of, spoken of, and written by Read More

Bible reading in Acts 1:8

To Know the Truth

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To Know the Truth   We were talking in our homegroup about Pentecost and what that might mean for us and the church. It was interesting to see the varying experiences and opinions of our engagement with the Holy Spirit during that discussion.   One of the verses we were looking at was Acts 1:8 Read More