Conversation between workmates

Saved by Grace

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The Good News for Our Family and Friends by Lew Meyer. The meaning of the word “gospel” is simply good news. Everyone should like good news. But today people are frequently apathetic towards it or downright repulsed by it. Even in many Christians there are negative feelings towards the word because it brings that guilty Read More

Do my friends see evidence of transformative love in my life

The Man in the Mirror

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by Phil Strong – At the risk of alienating readers, I’m going to quote Michael Jackson; “If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change.”   Funerals are such sobering events in that they force us to think about the brevity of our lives and Read More

Just Get Started

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Today’s guest writer is Phil Macgregor who recently shared his encouraging story at the PK Whangarei Event. His enthusiasm for men and men’s groups is inspiring. We asked Phil to share his journey with all of us…. When it comes to starting a men’s group there can be a lot of questions, nervousness, insecurity and Read More

You Are On The Team

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Working together as the body of Christ –  When I first became a Christian there was a lot of talk about “Body Ministry” which I thought was a very odd concept. What does that mean I wondered? I learned later that it is about ministering to the Body of Christ, the wider Christian community. I Read More

Are You Connected?

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An observation from my experience with the COVID restrictions is that that some of us may not be as well connected with others as we could be. With new found freedoms, as we moved down alert levels, I have noticed in some circles that I move in, that people have become more proactive in making Read More