Taking My Power Back

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From a Christian worldview we could easily think we are being marginalised by some powerful social voices which appear to be taking away free speech and religious freedom. It is easy to focus on what we perceive we have lost. Sadly, in most of the contentious issues the horse seems to have bolted, but what Read More

Roll Call

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Today’s guest writer is Phil Strong, Senior Leader at ZION, a church community in Te Awamutu. Phil is also a published author and speaker whose aim is “Helping you to live a life of purpose on purpose.” Today he shares with us this thought-provoking message. Why is it when there’s a spiritual need in the Read More

Praying for Your Family

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by Geoff Wiklund – We have all heard the stories of people who knew that their grandparents or parents prayed for them. I am a result of one of those prayers. My dad went forward on an altar call and prayed with the preacher that his youngest son would become a preacher. Five years later, Read More

A Word in Season

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We as men have an opportunity to use the time we have been given with our families in a really positive way. Our society is fast paced and often quite individual; we have our own devices, our own music selections. It is easy to isolate. We don’t tend to use our time to communicate with Read More