Real Community

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The Fingerprint of God by Gary Colville – It was an electric moment. You could almost hear a pin drop twice in one day. First it was a whole congregation then a few hours later 2300 youth, touched by God because of some water, people and the power of God through drama and interpretive dance. That’s Read More

Location, location, location

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by Mick Duncan – One Sunday afternoon, while living in Manurewa, South Auckland, I experienced a Bible reference gatecrashing my consciousness. At the time, I was thinking about the rugby, so it really was most unexpected. I pulled out my mobile phone to read the obscure reference in Isaiah and it got my attention straight Read More

Wholeness through Community

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Mission statements and vision statements became all the rage in the management sector over the 2000’s. Everywhere you went there was a mission statement on the wall from hospitals, your local school and you could even read one standing in the queue at McDonalds. That is not as prevalent today as it was back then. However Read More