Set Free – Freedom from Porn

If pornography use is bothering you or someone close to you, it is a problem. Whether you are a dabbler or a full blown pornography addict, porn has a destructive long-term cycle. Across New Zealand, families and marriages are being stressed and destroyed through the widespread use of online pornography. It really can ruin your relationships and your life!

The Promise Keepers Set Free programme was established in 2016. It has a proven track record in addressing the pornography problems that individuals and families face. PK has dealt with clients from Cromwell to Dargaville and seen life-changing results. It is very difficult to break free from porn on your own with no support. That is why Set Free uses a group model. There are groups operating around NZ, including online, helping individuals and churches achieve breakthrough.

If you genuinely want freedom, then PK is ready to help you.

Am I addicted to porn?

There are some comprehensive self-tests available, but these simple signs should be enough to tell you the direction you are heading:

  • Hours, sometimes even days, lost to viewing pornography
  • Anger or irritability if confronted about the nature or extent of porn use
  • Continued porn use, in spite of negative consequences and/or promises made to self or others to stop using porn
  • Reduced or even non-existent interest in sexual, physical and emotional connections with spouses or partners
  • Escalation from two-dimensional porn viewing to use of technology for casual, anonymous or paid-for sexual encounters, whether in person or via webcams

I need to change now. What is the next step?

Like any recovery program, Set Free only really works when you are fully motivated to change your life. Therefore you need to initiate contact and commit to doing the course.

This is the Set Free pathway to recovery:

Step 1

Join a 12-Step Set Free from Pornography Recovery Group in an online setting. Or 13 week course based around the Freedom Fight series in an online group setting. Interacting honestly with others builds the trust and support necessary to move forward. Porn addiction is almost impossible to recover from alone.

Step 2

Commit to the next stage with the group – keeping clean – while meeting for the next 12-18 months. The content for this stage can include 12-Step Recovery Group, Conquer, Freedom Fight and 7 Pillars of Freedom.

Step 3

Now you have grown together with men who have become your brothers, you may choose to make this your Men’s Group going forward.

After you are well, you may also want to join the fight against porn, and help other men get free through the recovery process that has succeeded for you.

To register:  Contact Paul Monahan to sign up for the next course - Ph: 022 5877 402.

Stories of Lives Changed:
I'm now walking in freedom...

“After struggling to get free of pornography for over 20 years I am now walking in freedom and living the life God intended for me. This journey began just over a year and a half ago now when I joined a Conquer group through Promise Keepers. After completing the Conquer course together, we went on to do the 7 Pillars of Freedom course, which unpacked the Conquer material in much more detail. I was then invited to co-lead a Freedom Fight group which allowed me to put my new knowledge into practice. All of these areas have grown and stretched me and contributed to my new found freedom in Christ. I thank God for those men who have gone before and forged the way forward to live in sexual purity.” – John

No longer in a dark pit of shame...

"Without PK and the Conquer series, I would probably still be in a dark pit of shame but seeing myself through God's eyes, my worth in Him and the encouragement from the other men in the group, gave me back some of my self-worth. Quite simply I'm now in agreement with how God sees me and can therefore work with Him every day rather than strive to get there." – Manfred

I now have the tools to change those emotions and behaviours...

"I knew the behaviour that I wanted to stop doing prior to coming into the Set Free course. But it wasn’t until I came into the course that I realised that my behaviour was being driven by emotions and core beliefs that I had about myself. As I’ve gone through the process of participating in the courses, I’ve been able to apply tools to help me change those emotions and behaviours." – Sam

Set Free men's groups have made a huge difference to my life...

“Set Free men’s groups have made a huge difference to my life and marriage. It is now more than 3 years since I did the Conquer Course and it has set my marriage and life on a new and exciting pathway. This process is not a quick fix but if you are prepared to stick this out with your brothers in Christ you can walk in freedom. After 3 years of this journey we still meet regularly for honest reflection and accountability in our lives.” – Christian

Freedom in an area that had been tripping me up for years...

“Being part of this program gave me the tools within a group setting to address some key areas relating to sexuality and wholeness in my life. This has led to greater accountability, effectiveness and ultimately freedom in an area that had been tripping me up for a significant number of years.” – Rory