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WiseChoices for Prisoners.  Men tell us how much the daily reading of Men of Integrity benefits them. Imagine if you were in prison with loads of time on your hands. Men of Integrity could help you focus and grow in your faith. So why not sponsor this and help Promise Keepers send WiseChoices to prison!

Note: Sponsorship is for Men of Integrity only. DVDs are not allowed into prison.

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… the devotionals arrived and I can’t thank you enough for your generosity. I delivered one or two to wings that are doing Bible studies and they were very well received.  In fact I have held three back to pass on to others in need today.I have worked at Hawke’s Bay prison as a voluntary Chaplain for the past 18 months providing one-on-one teaching / support and Bible studies. The men that are new to the Lord are doing Promise Keepers Bible studies and they are very well received. At a guess I would be using them for between twenty and twenty-five men each week.  Because of the pictures and wording the men feel that they are for real men and are happy to take them back into the wings. In particular the front and back pages that I print for some studies are a wonderful discussion point about real men. I never thought that I would spend my days encouraging men to be the real men that God intended and the Warrior Defenders of their households but I am blessed every day. Thank you for the work that Promise Keepers does, it is so important and needed by so many women. As far as the devotionals go I can use as many as you send me, as the believers in Hawke’s Bay Prison are growing in number as they encourage and teach each other daily.   Judith Lambert  – Voluntary Chaplain, Hawke’s Bay Prison

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