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Influence 2016 Auckland Event had many memorable moments when men connected powerfully with God.
This album contains all the Elective sessions from the Auckland Event.
Give your travel or exercise time some real punch as God reveals more for you!

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Saturday Afternoon Electives

Exit Porn Boulevard: Craig Gross presentation with Lance Langley & others
Financial Wisdom: Andrew L’Almont & Gary Colville
Hearing God: Tak Bhana
Healing & Deliverance: Geoff Wiklund & Richard Brunton
Leaders of Men: Paul Monahan & Men’s Ministry Leaders
Doctor’s Advice for You: Dr Vili Sotutu
Marketplace Influence: Michael Murphy
7 Ways to Ruin Your Career: Tom O’Neil & Tony McKeown
Renewing Your Mind: Aaron Ironside & Peter Goulter
Exit Porn Boulevard: Craig Gross presentation with Paul Monahan & others
Financial Wisdom: Andrew L’Almont & Geoff Wiklund
Spice Up Your Marriage: Bob McCoskrie
Wife Hunting: Tom O’Neil & others
Spiritual Gifts: Gary Colville & Richard Brunton
Financial Freedom: Peter Goulter & Andrew L’Almont
Hearing God: Tony McKeown & Paul Monahan
Influencing the Next Generation: Paul Subritzky & others
Life Plan: Wayne Poutoa & Tom O’Neil
Third Age: Peter Goulter
Single Focus: David Goodman & Geoff Wiklund