Event Promo Tools

Mobilising as many men as possible to attend and participate in this year's PK Event as a Group can be a powerful catalyst for change and a strong foundation for your Men's Ministry going forward.
These promotional tools make it easy for you to form a Group and register.
To request the tools listed below, email us [here] or phone 0800 PROMISE (77 66 47).
The Super Easy Strategy

This simple plan is designed to help you, the Group Leader, to rally the men for PK. Remember, the personal approach always works best - one man at a time! Print or download The Super Easy Strategy [here]


To order Brochures for the PK Event, phone Promise Keepers on 0800 PROMISE (77 66 47) or email us [here]

Easy to use Images, Slides & Bulletins for Church Notices

Use these Images to Email, insert into a Bulletin, put on Slides/Powerpoint to help you promote the PK Event in your church.

Logos and artwork

PK CHC logo jpg
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PK WLG logo jpg
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PK AKL logo jpg
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Other resources to help you