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Welcome to PK VISION 2020.

Significant things happen when you go to Promise Keepers with a Group of friends. It’s a powerful experience and is often a spiritual milestone!

When men come together in His name, God moves and transforms lives. Maximise the Event experience together, then bring home the enthusiasm and inject it into your church and Men’s Group!

The work is that is done by Group Leaders is extremely important and impacting, both for mobilising men to attend the Promise Keepers Events and also as these Groups continue to be used as a tool to strengthen Ministry with Men in the church. Many men won’t come unless someone invites them to go with them.

Going to Promise Keepers as a Group can be the catalyst that boosts Men’s Ministry for months to come!

Online Registration for Groups

There are many benefits of registering your group on Eventbrite. It is easy to invite and register new members. As the Group Leader you can email your group members, and also see who is in your group on your own team page.

To register your Group online with Eventbrite, there are a few simple steps you need to follow.

***Please read this IMPORTANT Eventbrite Info for Group Leaders before you begin!

Here are some specific resources and tools to help Groups to get started and push through to success

Please feel free to contact us for further assistance - ph 0800 PROMISE (77 66 47) or through our [contact form]

Promo Tools & Church Templates

Check out our range of promotional tools and resources, designed to help you mobilise your men to attend the Event. Here you can also find easy to use templates to promote the Event in your church.


A Roadtrip will create an even more powerful Promise Keepers experience. Many men from provincial centres who have been travelling to Promise Keepers as a Group for years have told us they would not miss it. No matter how close you live to the Event venue, you can still create an effective Roadtrip experience. Find out more [here]

Fundraising Ideas

In order to ensure no man is left behind, why not start to plan and action some fundraising activities well in advance of the Event? Ideas to help you [here]