PK 2020 Christchurch and Wellington Men’s Events

PK Christchurch Event Saturday 1 August  |  PK Wellington Event Saturday 15 August 2020
We need a vision from heaven to see what God is doing so that we can align with that.
We are asking the Lord to revive our desire, our hope and our purpose.
Join your brothers at PK and get fired up again!

Keynote Speaker in Christchurch and Wellington:

Keynote Speaker Len Buttner

Speaker Len Buttner says

Personal revival begins with us. We read in Psalm 85:6 ‘Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?’ How can we be God's vessels stirred up spiritually?

What does it mean to be revived in our personal spiritual life, ministry, business, marriage and finances? To be revived is to be transformed, to have renewed strength and to be reawakened. As Jesus said to His followers, ‘Keep your lamps burning’ (Luke 12:35).

We need to get ‘fired up again’ for the Lord. Today we are asking the Lord to ‘revive our desire, our hope, our purpose and to look to the Holy Spirit to anoint us with fresh zeal’. - Len Buttner


Keynote Speaker in Wellington:

Keynote Speaker David Peters

Speaker David Peters says

These are unprecedented days of shaking of world systems. We need a vision from heaven to see what God is doing so that we can align with it and see the fulfilment in our lives and the nations. The Lord revealed a secret to me years ago on how vision can be fulfilled and I am looking forward to sharing that at the event. - David Peters



Keynote Speaker in Christchurch:

Keynote Speaker Seth Fawcet

Speaker Seth Fawcet says

This PK Event is an opportunity to be equipped, empowered and enabled to take your place rising up in the spiritual authority God intends in your home, workplace, city and nation, bringing light which dispels darkness. - Seth Fawcet

The dynamic speaking team also includes: Michael Hempseed, Paul & Bev Monahan, Gary Colville, Peter Goulter, Mike Collins, Rory Pilbrow, Bill Stringer and others. (Not all speakers at all events.)

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CHRISTCHURCH   Saturday 1 August
New venue: The McFaddens Centre (St Albans Baptist Church), 64 McFaddens Rd, St Albans
WELLINGTON  Saturday 15 August
New venue: Hosanna Porirua, 2 Driver Crescent, Cannons Creek, Porirua
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