Legacy 2018 Christchurch

This is what the men said about LEGACY Christchurch...

"After a crap week at work I almost didn't come to PK but my wife encouraged me that I needed to come. Being in worship with men washed the fatigue from me and the first two speakers on Saturday spoke to my situation. Aaron Ironside really spoke to my heart. My life has changed this weekend." Paul J


"Aaron Ironside's Elective gave me practical tips on defeating common misbeliefs. Really connected to God during worship. The best worship team I've ever experienced at PK Events. Connecting with strangers and hearing how God is working through them - inspirational." Regan


"Helps us grow spiritually - refreshed, refocused and re-empowered. Gives us confidence to reach out and influence others. Helps us maintain a daily connection with God." Bernardo


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More men's highlights...

"Catching up with friends from around the country and sharing their stories from the year. Being prayed for and praying for others. Being encouraged by the speakers." Mark


"The motivation from the speakers has been the best (and spoken to my heart) of all of the 5 PK Events I have attended." Cameron


"Receiving prayer on Friday night for something I was finding hard to deal with." Shane


"Amazing worship - anointed. Aaron Ironside's speech was heart-wrenching and real. Love the huge selection and content of the Electives." Rodney


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