Filling the Gap

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With University well underway for the year, some parents will find themselves in a season of change as they sent their teenager off to study in another city. I had a conversation recently with a man who expressed concern about men struggling in the season of life called the “Empty Nest”. I suppose I was Read More

Just Get Started

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Today’s guest writer is Phil Macgregor who recently shared his encouraging story at the PK Whangarei Event. His enthusiasm for men and men’s groups is inspiring. We asked Phil to share his journey with all of us…. When it comes to starting a men’s group there can be a lot of questions, nervousness, insecurity and Read More

Praying for Your Family

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by Geoff Wiklund – We have all heard the stories of people who knew that their grandparents or parents prayed for them. I am a result of one of those prayers. My dad went forward on an altar call and prayed with the preacher that his youngest son would become a preacher. Five years later, Read More