Realising the Mission

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Today’s guest author is Tak Bhana, senior pastor of Church Unlimited and popular PK keynote speaker. He shares the following significant message with our PK community. About forty years ago my nominally Hindu father was diagnosed with a terminal illness and given three weeks to live. That prognosis brought such grief and shock, but even Read More

Integrity in the Workplace

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What are the boundaries and acceptable behaviours we should have as a Christian man in the workplace? How many of us, when we look over our week, have inconsistent behaviours depending on our environment? A Sunday church behaviour, a Monday to Friday work behaviour, a home and family behaviour? Integrity is all about our character; Read More

A Father in the Faith

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by Aaron More – I have always been fascinated by the life of David. As a child this is an easy fascination to understand, what boy doesn’t want to read of a youth defeating a giant with a sling? This interest intensified in my teens as I had a short period where three different strangers approached Read More

God’s Gift

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My first mission trip was to India. There, standing on a busy, crowded street one day, God said to me, “You see a crowd but I see individuals and I know everyone by name, and I sent My Son to save them”. As I stood there, I realised that my perspective had changed and I Read More