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G20+Sealrow your men – grow your church. An effective Men’s Ministry will have three key objectives: growing men spiritually, building strong friendships and equipping men for mission. Learn powerful strategies for the process necessary to achieve this. With over 20 years proven experience and constant refinements, we have created a solid foundation of knowledge about what will motivate and engage the men in your church. Our consultants are available to assist you.

The “go-to” people for help with Men’s Groups and Men’s Ministry

PeterG and PaulMThe right people for friendly advice

Peter Goulter and Paul Monahan are our Men’s Ministry consultants and in-house experts. They have a great skill base, in addition to decades of Men’s Ministry experience.

We are offering to meet pastors and leaders one to one to help you with your Men’s Ministry by…

• Listening to where you are at now
• Considering where you are going
• Planning your next step
• Partnering with you to develop your Men’s Ministry

To contact, please [email] or phone 09 300 7337 or Paul Monahan on 022 5877 402.

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Promise Keepers is committed to the long-term success of your Ministry with Men and to serving men in local churches.
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