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Reset and Go Forward with Purpose!

PK’s next Online Event is Saturday 25 March, 7:30am-8:30am livestreamed to you, to your group, wherever you are. Guest speaker Phil Strong will share on how we can Reset and Go Forward with Purpose.

In this interview, Phil will share what he's learnt from his life after hitting rock-bottom, searching for God, and finding new direction and hope. Phil is a humorous and interesting storyteller who speaks about faith and overcoming challenges. We look forward to having you join us online for this free event.

Phil will tell us a story about a time when he was on a dark island looking like Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away, with long hair and a big beard.

Phil says, “I was lost. I was in a dark place. I didn't know who God had called me to be. I didn't know why God put me in this place. Maybe you can relate to that. Maybe that's what life feels like for you.

“The way that we get beyond that place is to do the journey with others. I'm going to share my perspective on how a season like that can lead you into a place of refreshment.”

Phil reminds us that God has got more for each of us. We can reset and go forward with purpose!

Invite your friends over and watch this message together.

Phil Strong is a speaker, business entrepreneur and senior leader at ZION, a church community in Te Awamutu. He’s also a published author who has inspired many with his practical teaching for transformational living. To find out more about Phil see

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)

PK Event with Phil Strong. Interview on how to reset and go forward with purpose.

Find out more about Phil Strong by watching this short video.

Program to Watch the Livestream Event

6.00 am - Breakfast preparation (suggested time)
7.00 am - Intro and grace, serve breakfast (suggested)
7.20 am - Test video and test audio starts on livestream
7.30 am - Speaker starts - via Livestream
(View on Livestream)
8.01 am (approx) - Speaker finishes
8.02 am - Small group discussion in table groups
8.30 am (approx) - Wrap up & dismiss - announce next Men's Group/activity etc
8.35am - Finish

For enquiries ph 0800 PROMISE (77 66 47) or email us [here] 

This Livestream Breakfast Event is brought to you without charge by Promise Keepers. If you would like to support PKNZ and assist with funding this, your donation would be appreciated. This Event costs approximately $4,000 to run. You can make a donation while registering for your ticket, or find general donation information [here]

A common request Promise Keepers receives is “who can we get to speak at our men’s event?” For small or remote groups especially, the costs can be prohibitive.
To help churches, PK has organised some fantastic speakers for this coming year who can be accessed from anywhere via Livestream.
Your church can now have a top quality speaker at your men’s breakfast! You can ask questions at the live Q&A at the end of the message. And it’s all free!


"As a pastor these events are so easy to organise and we know they are going to have great content. Really appreciate the work PK puts in to make these happen."  - Anon

Men's Online Event - How you can be involved

• Please contact us so we can offer one-on-one planning assistance.

• Organise your men to meet for a breakfast or an evening. Never done a this before? Here are some guidelines

Making the most of your Men's Online Event

To get maximum benefit and momentum from this world-class Men’s Event, all you need to do is to be focussed on the outcomes you want and the steps to achieve these. It can be surprisingly simple.

Find out how to define your goals and take the action steps required to meet these goals. Plus! How to Organise a Breakfast or similar Event. [Find out more]


Displaying the Men's Online Event presentation

Download the backup video to your local computer. Be prepared to use this as a backup if there are any internet or Livestream issues with the live message.

• Have a techie on hand during the event to troubleshoot.

• Set up a laptop with an internet connection. [Find out more]

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