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Here's how...

•  Choose four dates for your men’s events for the year
•  Publish them on the church calendar

Taking these simple steps sets things going. Fear of failure takes care of everything else!

The 3+1 Church Alliance makes this plan even easier because one (the +1) of the four events is the Promise Keepers Men’s Event. All the hard work has been done for you! You organise the other three (3+) events based at your church, which can also include any or all of PK’s Livestream [men’s breakfasts].


•  You can build a team to meet your goals
•  Your team gets the resources and training needed for successful and sustainable activity
•  Grow Men’s Groups as the foundation of your Men’s Ministry
•  Your men can participate in the ready-made annual Promise Keepers Men’s Event. You can then springboard off this Event to boost your Men’s Ministry

You will need...

•  Pastor support/endorsement
•  To develop a 12-month plan (with help from PK if needed) - then implement the plan

As Kenny Luck says, men are the sleeping giant in the church. A great Ministry with Men will awaken this giant so it can become a powerhouse to drive the church forward.

Let's work together to build up the men in your church - contact Paul Monahan and sign up today! Ph: 022 5877 402



"I applaud this whole PK idea.
It's a big thumbs up from us."

Gary Murphy, Hope Centre Lower Hutt

Already signed up?

Plan your [Activity Selection] for the year

Fill out the [Action Summary] to track your progress, using the [Action Steps] explanation

Paul Monahan

At the forefront of the 3+1 Church Alliance is the highly experienced coach, Paul Monahan. Paul has reached out to successfully help many churches grow their men. He has also personally led a number of training initiatives with excellent results.

"You men are a godsend. Having taken up the Ministry with Men at Bethlehem Community Church in Tauranga at the end of last year, this [breakfast] event was my first with this church. What a fantastic way to start! Paul, thank you. Your advice and coaching has been incredibly helpful." 
Karl Henderson, Bethlehem Community Church, Tauranga

"Just to say many thanks for organising the Livestream [breakfast] on Saturday morning. The 30 guys present at St Michael’s were thoroughly engrossed in their small group interaction when I called a halt just before 9!" 
Bruce McConchie, St Michael’s Anglican, Henderson