God is with you in the storm

Peace in the Storm

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I recently watched on YouTube a sermon by Bill Johnson, a Senior Pastor at Bethel Church in the USA. He gave the message only three days after his 67-year-old wife passed away from cancer.   Bill makes some bold statements in this sermon including the following interesting comments, which I’ve paraphrased:   Unfortunately, we don’t Read More

Ready for Battle?

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Men have been engaged in warfare for endless generations, battles have raged, and men have fought and died on the land, sea and in the air.   During World War I, aircraft were first used as a weapon of war. The simple wood, fabric and wire construction of those early biplanes has developed into modern Read More

What You Do Matters

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by Tom O’Neil – What does the word integrity mean to you? Why is integrity so vital in the workplace?   Demonstrating integrity in your workplace is a real key to reaching people for Christ in your community.   The Apostle Paul writes in Titus 2:7-8, “In everything set them an example by doing what Read More

Paul's bonsai trees

A Pause in Winter

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One of the hobbies I have dabbled with over the years is growing bonsai trees. At the height of my initial enthusiasm, I had 35 trees. In the intervening years I went as low as two trees. I now have eight trees, two of my original trees that are well over 35-years-old, plus another 35-year-old Read More

What challenge are you facing?

Stepping Up

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It is amazing how powerful stories are in our lives. We recently bought some children’s books for our grandchildren and one of the stories called “The Wonkey Donkey” became an instant hit. The children wanted the story read repeatedly. It occurred to me that most ancient cultures had an oral based tradition. The culture and Read More