Focus on goals


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S.M.A.R.T Goals have been around in the business and education fields for a long time, but they are also interesting at a personal level. SMART is just an acronym for a set of characteristics that help us define whether we think that a goal will be useful and effective or not. So each letter stands Read More

Goal Setting

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Reviewing this goal setting material is always helpful for us at Promise Keepers as we look forward. It refreshes what we are doing and helps us to stay sharp and focussed. Fulfilling our vision of Embracing, Encouraging and Empowering Men in Aotearoa New Zealand. Setting goals that are useful is a simple process but it Read More

Achieving Your Vision

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Where do I start? As with going on any journey knowing where you are starting from is vitally important. Unless you have a good idea of where you are departing from you are unlikely to plan well. So when setting goals for achieving your vision you must be able to pinpoint where you are right Read More

Who are you looking for? Who do you want to meet?

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The Connector –  Link, relationship, relation, interrelation, interconnection, interdependence, association, attachment, bond, tie. These are all words that a have a similar meaning to connection. With a connection we often need a connector of some sort. When we are talking friends, a connector is a bridge-builder; someone who bridges the gap between people you don’t know or may want to know. Having worked with the Read More