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Study Guides for Men’s Small Groups: Looking for books to use in your Men’s Small Group? Here are our suggestions. Also some recommendations for Ministry to Men. click here>>

Promise Keepers Study Guides
Promise Keepers has published a number of studies written for Kiwi men, by Kiwi men. Launched in 2004, with seven subsequent books, these study guides are ideal starters for new groups. They are easy to use, with little preparation required by the leader, and no reading or homework necessary for the group members. It starts with a warm-up discussion opener. Then it moves to a passage of Scripture. There are questions about the Scripture and then how that applies to everyday life. For a two monthly selection of studies as free downloads to print out  click here>>

Men's Small Group Questions
How to use these Questions: Print these out and cut them up so that each individual question is on a slip of paper. Put them into a container and have them available at your Men's Small Group meetings. When appropriate (probably not every meeting), each guy should draw one out randomly without seeing the question, and then answer it. Download questions here>>

Evaluations for Small Groups
Are you currently in a group? Evaluate your progress to date. Reassess goals and fine tune your direction to ensure that guys are getting what they want and need from the group. It's worthwhile spending a session each year on this annual evalution. Please click here>>