New Zealand Bless Israel

<<  This event is now complete, but you can watch it on Vimeo here.

A Special Evening

Saturday 8 April 2017
7:00 pm - Victory Convention Centre, Auckland
and in other centres around the nation

To join from across the Nation, from many cultures, organisations and churches.
To stand in unity and love.
Releasing the sound of blessing from the ends of the Earth to Israel.

To release blessing to Israel is not saying that we reject other peoples – all peoples of the world are made, loved and called by God.

It is not a political statement that we agree with every decision that the Israeli or NZ Governments have made or will make.

We recognise the special covenant God made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
We stand with the people and land of Israel, seeking that they be blessed.
We respond to God’s call to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

There are a number of ways to connect and express blessing to Israel.

  • Attending the Evening Event - a national gathering is being held in Auckland and people are coming together in many other centres around the nation.
  • Shofars at Sunrise - a call for those with shofars to simultaneously sound them at 7 am on 8 April, all around New Zealand.  [More here]
  • Faces of Blessing - take a photo of your church or organisation with a sign #BlessIsrael.  We will put the photos together into a book which will be presented to the Israeli Embassy, a personal message of many people expressing their love and support.
  • Sign the Card - gathering signatures of those who want to Bless Israel.  Send a clipboard around churches and organisations that you are part of. The more signatures we gather the better!  There's a page you can photocopy in the attachments.  [More here]

Summary of opportunities to participate regionally [here]

More about the Evening Event - Saturday 8 April

New Zealand Bless Israel is a simple and clear responding to the call in Genesis 12:3, “I will bless those who bless you…” 

A National event will be run in Victory Convention Centre (VCC) Auckland and there will be people right around the nation gathering in their region to agree - linked by Livestream.  It is so significant that as Christians we take responsibility in the Spirit for how our nation positions itself towards Israel.  It’s an opportunity to show love and honour to the Jewish people.  This will be a powerful testimony from Christians at the ends of the earth!

30 cities and towns have confirmed that they will be hosting a gathering to bless Israel.  Many more are looking to gather people - it’s a national standing in agreement.  

If there is not an New Zealand Bless Israel evening already planned in your area, be encouraged, it’s still possible to host a gathering.  It is essentially a case of having a venue, sending out the information, connecting and welcoming people from many churches and around the area to come to join together.  Check out the attachment about Facilitating a Regional Gathering, it lays out nice and clearly what is involved. [More here]

For more information, feel free to contact:

Technical set-up info for Livestream webcast [here]