PK Men’s Breakfasts

A common request Promise Keepers receives is “who can we get to speak at our men’s event?” For small or remote groups especially, the costs can be prohibitive. To help churches, PK has organised some fantastic speakers in 2017 who can be accessed from anywhere via Livestream. Your church can now have an international speaker at your men’s breakfast! You can ask questions at the live Q&A at the end of the message. And it’s all free!

Coming up next in 2017...

Sat 25 March  - Vince D'Acchioli from On Target Ministries

Sat 27 May  - David Dusek from Rough Cut Men, contractor to US Army Chaplaincy

How you can be involved

• Please contact us so we can offer one-on-one planning assistance. 

• Organise your men to meet for a breakfast. Never done a breakfast before? Here are some [guidelines]

• Use the teaser video as a promo (if available)

How to organise a Men's Breakfast

A men’s breakfast does pretty much what it says on the tin: it is a breakfast to which Christian men can invite their non-Christian male friends, so they can hear a talk which will include the gospel.

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Livestream Programalarmclock

6.00 am - Breakfast preparation
7.00 am - Intro and grace
7.05 am - Serve breakfast
7.30 am - Speaker start  - Promise Keepers studio via Livestream

View clip on Livestream  - download pre-recorded file as backup

8.05 am (approx) - Speaker finish
                - Live Q & A - ask questions via chat
8.20 am - Small group discussion in table groups
8.58 am (approx) - Wrap up & dismiss - announce next Men's Group/activity etc

Displaying the Men's Breakfast presentation

• Download the pre-recorded message to your local computer. Be prepared to use this as a backup if there are any internet or Livestream issues with the live message.  

• Have a techie on hand during the breakfast to troubleshoot.

• Set up a laptop with an internet connection.  [Read more]


Aaron Ironside - Living on the Edge: From surviving to thriving


We are called to live by faith and to know the presence and power of God, but many men are stuck in fear of failure. That fear can cause men to blow up in anger or to shut down in silence.

Pastor and counsellor Aaron Ironside provides powerful keys for exposing the lies that keep us trapped in fear. These life-changing truths will empower men to move from surviving to really thriving!

You can take advantage of having Aaron as a powerful speaker at a men's breakfast you organise in your church.

Although this event has been completed, you can still use the archive as content for your Men's Event. Download it [here]




Living on the Edge logo
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Living on the Edge
JPG slides from Men's Breakfast

Michael Murphy - Something in the Water: What's influencing you?

Michael has been involved in Men’s Ministry for three decades, including launching Christian Men’s Network in Australia on behalf of Dr Edwin Louis Cole. He also served with Pastor Brian Houston in the pioneering of Hillsong. Michael also spoke powerfully at the Promise Keepers Influence 2016 Men's Event in Auckland.

This Livestream breakfast message is your opportunity to have Michael address men in your church or group.

Although this event has been completed, you can still use the archive as content for your Men's Event. Download it [here]


SomethingInThe WaterA5



Something in the Water A5 poster
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Porn & Pancakes
Promo Video

Watch this short video to see Craig explain what the breakfast message is all about and how it can help every man.


Porn & Pancakes Artwork

Print this A4 size customised placemat for your Porn & Pancakes breakfast

A4 Placemat PDF

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Craig Gross XXX Church - 30 Day Porn Free Challenge

Take the next step in breaking free from porn with these proven tools.  More info [here]

For other helpful material including free resources, visit XXX Church website [here]


Craig Gross - Porn & Pancakes

You have missed the live presentation but you can still watch it via Livestream [here]

This breakfast is straight to the point, honest talk. It revolves around a great speaker and great conversation about issues that are dominating men’s lives. Porn & Pancakes provides the next steps for you to walk away with hope to recover or to help others who are struggling with porn addiction.

Get the men from your church together for a breakfast and watch the PK Livestream broadcast. This message is a great starting point for discussion, prayer and ongoing support.


David Murrow - The Map to Manhood

David Murrow cleverly translates the masculine spiritual life into an actual, ink-on-paper map. Then he shows men where to find the map in the New Testament and how to walk its ancient paths today.

Seven questions for captains to ask their men:

1. Tell me about your work.
2. Tell me about your family.
3. What’s something you’re really good at?
4. What’s something that really makes you come alive?
5. What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing right now?
6. If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?
7. Is God actively working in your life now? How?