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Every month we upload some weekly studies for you to download and use, either personally or with your Men's Small Group. Use the Bible studies to encourage your Men’s Group to apply scripture to real life. Each PDF is approximately 1 - 2 MB.

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May Weekly Studies

Study Guide: Top Gun

How God Uses Suffering [pdf] 

Is Your Model Right? [pdf]

Priorities in Life [pdf] 

Pray Without Ceasing [pdf] 

Row Row Row Your Boat [pdf]


June Weekly Studies

Study Guide: Top Gun

Taking the Lead [pdf]

The Sanctity of Marriage [pdf]

The Lord Sees All [pdf] 

The Essentials [pdf] 


July Weekly Studies

Study Guide: Top Gun

Worldly Wisdom [pdf] 

You Are the Coach [pdf]

Win the Lost [pdf] 

Walk Wisely, Time is Short [pdf] 

The Way [pdf]


If you're having problems printing these studies, save them to your computer first and then print from your saved files.