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Useful Budgeting Links

Christian Budgeting NZ
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is New Zealand’s free independent money guide, run by the Retirement Commission. It’s full of calculators and information to help you manage your personal finances throughout life. You can open a free account and maintain your personal budgets online.  http://www.sorted.org.nz/home

Christian Budgeting New Zealand Inc.  We are an interdenominational organisation working to support and bring together, the many Christian 'not for profit' services and individuals working in the budgeting and financial services fields. We also believe that the Church, as a whole in New Zealand, is doing much more work in the budgeting area than anyone realises. Locate a church based service here.  http://www.cbnz.org.nz/

Liberty for every church and home  Since 1989 Liberty Trust has been teaching & enabling New Zealanders to follow God's financial principles of giving, lending and borrowing without interest, in order to provide liberty to every household and advance the Kingdom of God.  http://www.libertytrust.org.nz/

The New Zealand Federation of Family Budgeting Services Inc. is dedicated to the development and education of budgeting skills through community programmes and free advice from supportive, confidential and culturally aware services. Find a local service through this website  http://www.familybudgeting.org.nz/index.htm

God is using Crown Financial Ministries around the globe to teach His financial principles and transform lives. This is a USA based ministry.  http://www.crown.org/

Christians Against Poverty. At CAP, we're passionate about working with local churches across the nation to lift Kiwis out of debt and poverty and into a life filled with hope and freedom. http://www.capnz.org/