Believe 2017

It’s in our DNA to believe

We’re living in a world of massive change. This change affects all of us. How do we respond to this? Is there a bigger picture, or is it just random?

It’s important to know what you believe in, because that is where your hope lies.
Will what you believe in be sufficient to sustain you through the storms of life?

God is the only One we can fully trust in, to help us achieve breakthrough and overcome. The Father heart of God means that He is for you, wanting to encourage you onward.

At Promise Keepers the atmosphere of faith means that it is easy to make a significant connection with God, the One in whom we believe.

Let God build faith in your heart at BELIEVE 2017.

“Do not be afraid; only BELIEVE.”

Luke 8:50



Men's Events 2017
- Riccarton Baptist Church
WELLINGTON 15-16 September - Hope Centre, Lower Hutt
AUCKLAND 6-7 October - Victory Convention Centre




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