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Promise Keepers needs your financial support!

Now is the very best time of year to make a donation because in a couple of days’ time you can claim a third back as a rebate. Are you able to be part of this significant mission to the men of our nation?

There are several ways that you can contribute which are listed here>>  The simplest way is an online donation to Promise Keepers bank account number: 12 3082 0105255 04

Please put your name, and PK ID number (if you have it) into our reference field. It would be great to drop us an email>> to help us make sure we get the receipt to you.

Thanks for considering this and joining us in the battle for men’s souls.
Free One on One Men's Ministry Consultations
Coming to Hawke's Bay 31 March - 1 April

Here’s an exciting opportunity to help you achieve greater success with your Men’s Ministry.

Now is an excellent time to discuss and plan for the future, making the most of your opportunities.

There are only a few spots left in Hastings and Napier, so contact us now>> to lock in your free Men's Ministry consultation. For more information, dates and locations, click here>>
Being a Man of Influence
7:00 pm Tuesday 31 March, Napier

Speakers: Peter Goulter, Paul Monahan, Gary Fursdon, Dave Blackley, Adrian Pritchard

Every man has impact and influence on those around him. His family, his community, and together with other men, the nation.  The potential to see this influence unlocked to create a legacy of significance will be revealed by five men with five different perspectives on how to increase the positive impact you can have in your circle of influence. This one night could change your legacy!  More information here>>

  We live in challenging times. Living out your faith as a Christian increasingly means stepping up. We are part of God’s mission to bring hope to a hurting world. Help others grow into their destiny.

Be part of Promise Keepers GO 2015.

GO stronger… GO higher… and GO further!


: CHC 21-22 Aug  |  WLG 11-12 Sep  |  AKL 2-3 Oct

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